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You know that whole scenario where you have something planned for the weekend, but then your spouse surprises you with having other plans for the weekend? Meanwhile, that home improvement project that you started 2 months ago is still sitting out, neglected week after week? Here’s how we finally conquered that in our family: 1. […]


The topic of getting messy spouses to clean up always comes up at presentations I give to family groups. It can be so frustrating to live with someone who is making messes as quickly as you are cleaning them up! But at the same time, nagging at him or her to tidy up just sows […]


5 tips for keeping clutter out of your house

by respaced on May 17, 2013

  It’s hard to find the energy/time/interest to organize. So when that inspiration to organize finally hits and you are able to clean out that black hole in your home, you probably feel ecstatic! Yay! Time to post a brag picture to Pinterest! But how often have you kicked clutter to the curb only to […]


Here’s a hard truth to swallow. If you live with other family members in your house, but you are the only one attempting to get organized, you will never get the house as organized as you would like it to be. You won’t achieve that goal, because you will be outnumbered by the number of […]


12 gifts to give that won’t end up clutter

by respaced on December 15, 2012

If you are as anti-clutter as I am, the idea of giving a holiday gift that will just sit and take up space in the recipent’s home is abhorrent (I’m talking about YOU, figurines and so-called “collectables”!) So I have compiled a list of gifts you can give that won’t clutter up your loved one’s […]


A super easy way to keep the living room picked up

by respaced on October 26, 2012

It’s hard to keep a home tidy and picked up on a daily basis, especially when you live with family members who may not be as neat and orderly as you are. That’s why I love this triple basket idea from Pinterest. All you have to do is hang three sturdy baskets on the wall […]


Now this, dear readers, is how you remember to do all those pesky little chores around the house that are so easy to forget. Make your own list, frame it and check off each task as you finish it with a dry erase pen. Genius! This also makes it reeeeally easy to assign chores to […]


You want to know the trick to keeping your house organized on a day-to-day basis? It comes down to two actions you must take: First, make sure every item — and I mean every item — in your house has a home. Make sure everyone in the family knows where these “homes” are. Label them […]


9 “don’ts” of organizing

by respaced on April 16, 2012

Don’t start organizing without making a plan for your space first. Take the time to sit down and write out a list of all the functions the room has to serve. Otherwise, how will you know what should stay or go? Don’t expect to get your entire room organized in a day. Can you say […]


Question: I have been married for 5 years and my dress is still hanging in its bag in our closet. I never had it dry cleaned (GAH… and big sigh!). I, of course, love the dress, due to its meaning, but I wouldn’t say that I am overly attached to it. I would, however, say […]