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the things we tell ourselves

What is at the heart of disorganization for most?

by respaced on August 26, 2013

Priorities. Goals. Purpose. Boring graduation speech? Or attributes that are the cornerstone of organization? Here’s the thing about organizing. People may look around a cluttered room and see only mounds and piles and heaps of stuff. They may think that at the root of the problem is someone who has trouble throwing things out and […]


Are you a hoarder or just disorganized?

by respaced on August 22, 2013

On more than one occasion, I have had organizing clients tell me that they are hoarders. They point to a mound of paperwork or a closet overflowing with craft supplies as evidence of their hoarding behavior. One person pointed to a shelf full of haircare products.These same people often feel such a sense of self-disgust […]


Some of my clients have told me that their friends and/or family have balked at their decision to hire a professional organizer and have wondered why they couldn’t just have a friend help them get organized instead. This leads me to believe that it is important to know when a friend will suffice to help […]


Organization is about freedom, not perfection

by respaced on July 19, 2013

Some people are completely anti-organizing. They are touchy about their stuff. They equate organizing with being uptight, overly rigid, and deadly to the creative process. They embrace the mess in their house and insist they love it that way. But here’s the truth about organizing: True organization is freedom! When you can find what you […]


Most of us are pretty pressed for time most days. At least, that’s the most common reason people give me for their disorganization — they have no time to sort through their things! It’s understandable. It’s hard to carve out four hours or more to do a major organizational overhaul of a room. That’s why […]


Before I begin any organizing project with a client, I always conduct an organizing assessment at his or her house first. Often, a client will sheepishly show me around a partially organized room, explaining that she had started organizing it, only to have given up after the first day. You know what? I tell her, […]

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On Friday, I listed the 5 easiest places to organize in your home. That list is designed to help people ease into organizing if organization doesn’t come naturally to them. Today’s list tackles the 5 hardest-to-organize places in your home. The point of this list is to steer you away from starting with these difficult […]


The 5 easiest spots to organize in your home

by respaced on April 26, 2013

If organizing doesn’t come naturally for you, then it’s best to ease into getting your home organized by starting with an easy area. Save the tough, complicated spots until after you have successfully organized some of the simpler spots in your home. But where are these simpler spots? Here are the top 5 easiest-to-organize spots […]

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How to get organized when you are depressed

by respaced on March 19, 2013

Never before in human history have people owned as much stuff, let alone had access to as much stuff as they do now. It’s hard enough for a healthy person to deal with, but if you are struggling with clinical depression, the daily work of “stuff management” can become absolutely overwhelming. How clutter contributes to […]


10 organizing tips for stressed-out parents

by respaced on February 26, 2013

I’m a mom to a 7-year-old and even though I only have one child, I sometimes get really stressed out trying to juggle the whole work-home balance. So these tips are as much reminders for me as anything. I hope you will find them useful too: 1. Embrace home organization as the money-saver, peace-of-mind creator […]