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More 60-second tasks to organize your office, kids’ room and bathroom

by respaced on October 31, 2011

On Friday, I wrote about tasks you can do in less than a minute to make your living room, kitchen and bedroom look more organized. Of course, these tasks will not get your room completely organized. But sometimes you just don’t have 6 hours available to sort through an entire room, and you just want to do SOMETHING to make it look a little better NOW. So here are some tasks you can whiz through today:


1. Stack all of the papers on your desk. I don’t care what they are. Just stack them so you can easily rifle through them to find the one that you need in the short term. 60 seconds

2. Put all of your sticky notes in one spot, if you happen to leave notes to yourself all over your office. 60 seconds

3. Change the month on your paper calendar to the current month. 10 seconds

4. Put all of your pencils and pens in a cup. 60 seconds

5. Pull all of the expired, out-of-date or no-longer-needed pieces of paper off your bulletin board. 60 seconds

Kids’ Room

1. Make the bed. 60 seconds

2. Gather up all of the stuffed animals and put on either the freshly made bed or in a pile in the corner. 60 seconds

3. Gather up all of the dirty clothes and put in the hamper or in a laundry basket to take to laundry room. 60 seconds

4. Gather up all of the pieces of paper laying round and stack them on the desk, so at least they are all in one spot. 60 seconds

5. Stack all of the books in a pile by the bookshelf. 60 seconds

6. Actually put the books ON the bookshelf. 60 seconds, longer if you want to alphabetize


1. Grab anything and everything covered in dust and throw it away (eg. candles, tissue box cover, fake flowers, fancy bottles, bath salts, etc.) The dust is how you know you aren’t using it! 60 seconds

2. Gather up any new, unopened bottles and containers of personal care items and get them out of there. Nobody uses anything new until all of the old products (that aren’t covered in dust!) are used up. 60 seconds

3. Throw out any make-up older than a year. 60 seconds

4. Gather up all of the dirty towels and clothes and throw them in a hamper. 60 seconds

You are on your way to a more organized home! Remember, these won’t permanently keep those rooms organized, but it will give you a jump-start to instilling some longer-term order to your home.

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andrea November 2, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Okay so you totally inspired me! I went upstairs and put the timer on my radio on in my bedroom and was going to give myself 30 minutes to clean sweep my room. No getting bogged down, just grab and toss or stack or put away. 60 seconds to do the bed you said, so I started there. Well, you don’t have cats do you? It took at least 60 seconds of picking up the cat and gently tossing her off the bed and on to the love seat, from which she quickly jumped back onto the unmade bed, and tossing her again. No pleas of, this is only supposed to take 60 seconds, worked for her. It was hilarious and really should have been a you tube phenomena. But finally she acquiesced and I not only made the bed I made it 3/4 of the way around the room. Thank You! So looking forward to your next post; and already voted for you!


respaced November 2, 2011 at 4:01 pm

You crack me up! You’re right — removing the pet from the room in order to organize it needs to be one of the tasks I mention! So glad you found the post inspiring. Making it that far around your room is so impressive! Way to go!


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