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A creative use for old railings

by respaced on April 6, 2009

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to spruce up our front door area by removing the black iron railings and scraping off the old outdoor carpeting on the steps (so hideous!) We finished by repainting the steps. The change to our home’s “first impression” was dramatic! And it was a very inexpensive improvement.

But now we were stuck with heavy iron railings. What should we do with them? Chad had the brilliant idea to weld them together in a new shape and create a trellis. He found some other “weldable” odds and ends, such as parts from a wheel and a plant hanger and welded those into the design.

The finished product was extremely heavy, so he secured it to the side of the house. And now I have the perfect place to grow a clematis!

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