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Part Two: Organize art supplies the preschool way

by respaced on February 1, 2010

As promised, here is part two of organizing art supplies the preschool way. See part one from Friday here.

Tiny items, like the beads pictured here, are left out for small fingers to thread onto pipecleaners in the middle of the table.

I like how the crayons and pastels are stored upright in jars rather than in boxes. The boxes you see pictured are extra supplies. Shallow boxes and baskets are perfect for storing larger supplies. Boxes and bins that completely cover the contents may look tidier on the shelf, but in this preschool where parents co-teach alongside the teacher, it is essential that everyone instantly know where everything belongs. And with a glance, rather than a peek in a box, you know to find supplies.

This preschool encourages children to clean up after themselves, and they do this by supplying child-size brooms and dust pans hung at child height. And it works! I’ve seen the children voluntarily grab the broom and sweep the floor.

I hope you get some ideas for organizing your children’s craft and art supplies in their playroom or bedroom from this preschool. The key is to keep them out in the open, grouped together on low shelves.

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