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Get rid of these 3 things in your house!

by respaced on March 10, 2010

Do you have any of these items laying around your house?

1. Old National Geographic magazines. Just because things are old doesn’t automatically make them valuable. On Ebay, these are going for about $1-2 each. It will cost you more to ship them then what you will get for them. And I didn’t see any bids for them, which indicates that nobody wants them. It’s best to recycle old magazines.

2. Unused Exercise equipment. Often people are reluctant to part with these machines because they paid a lot of money for them. But what are they costing you in terms of wasted space and guilty feelings? Time to Craigslist them.

3. Food and medicine past their expiration date. Look in your fridge or in your cupboards. I’ll bet you can find some spoiled fruits or veggies, stale crackers, bad dairy products, spiceless spices or old leftovers. Check the expiration date on all your prescription and non-prescription meds. Toss the old food. But check with your local hazardous waste disposal center before throwing those meds in the trash.

Are you afraid to discard the top two items because you believe they are valuable, you paid a lot of money for them or you think you might use them someday?

Time for a reality check: They won’t actually make you any money until you get them out of your basement and sell them. Furthermore, if you haven’t thought of a use for them by now and it’s been more than a year, then they have become useless. It’s time to make room in your life for what you do use, not what you might use someday.

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