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Don’t clutter up your home with Royal Wedding souvenirs!

by respaced on April 29, 2011

Did you watch the Royal Wedding this morning? Yeah, I did too. It’s something special to remember, if not for the romance and historicity, then for the mere spectacle of the whole shindig. And for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. I will never forget it.

So with that being said, here’s a suggestion: Keep only memories of today. Buy a newspaper with their picture on it if you must. But don’t buy any Royal Wedding souvenirs from the websites that have sprouted up everywhere. Don’t let Kate and William teacups, hats, programs, and toilet seat covers clutter up your house.

Why? Because that stuff is not going to appreciate enough in value to justify the expense of buying it and storing it for decades. The kind of souvenirs you see for sale online are mass produced and sold in large quantities. Things are only valuable if they are rare and of high quality, and these Royal Wedding souvenirs are anything but that.

Furthermore, thanks to the internet, you will be able to access magazines, newspapers, photos and videos of the wedding forever. Saving actual copies of the magazines and newspapers is a waste of time and space, because the information is available everywhere for free, rendering the hard copies worthless.

Do you have Prince Charles and Princess Diana wedding knick-knacks? Those may be worth a little bit, because there are fewer in circulation since fewer were made and purchased (no internet sales back then!) But I can guarantee you all these Royal Wedding 2011 souvenirs being pedaled online are going to become the Beanie Babies of our generation.

So remember this amazing day. Bookmark all of your favorite articles and photos of the event. Take pictures of you and your friends wearing crazy British hats at wedding watch parties. But save your money and the space in your house by not buying any Royal Wedding souvenirs.

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