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A year ago in review: preachiness, not breaking your children’s fingers or toes and my organizing nerd side

by respaced on October 20, 2011

Just in case you missed it, here’s what we were discussing a year or two ago the week of October 19:


Read these 4 tips before buying organizing products for a children’s room
My take on bins versus drawers, baskets,  and bookshelves, aka “How not to break your child’s fingers and/or toes.”

New feature! Ask me questions, get actual responses
The “Ask the Organizer” feature is one-year old! Email me your organizing questions.

Take responsibility for the things you bring into your life + video
We are buying more stuff and throwing away more stuff as a nation than ever before, which means we are not being good stewards of the planet. I make you feel guilty, which hopefully prompts you to action.


A variation on the headboard: Part One
One of my most popular posts ever on making a headboard out of louvered shutters and cheapo Target sheets. Here’s Part Two as well.

My love-hate relationship with labeling
Here, I try to deny my organizing nerd side.

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