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10 DIY ways to display children’s artwork

by respaced on January 25, 2012


1. Frame the artwork and line it up on floating shelves. This is good for people who can’t nail things into the wall or for those who don’t want too permanent of a display.

2. Put the artwork inside of hinged frames from Li’l DaVinci Store and Display Art Cabinet. I love how easy it is to regularly change what is on display.

3. This display line kit comes from Ikea, but you could easily make your own using fishing line and eye hooks. Artwork always looks best when it is lined up, because the pattern helps unify the display.

4. Framing artwork en masse also makes for a neat display. Matching frames help the artwork blend in with the rest of the room. Probably not the cheapest or easiest way to display artwork, but it is definitely one of the most elegant ways.

Image courtesy of

5. Martha Stewart wizards created a pattern of shapes on the wall, then filled in those shapes with magnetic paint. So very clever and so much fun for kids to hang up their artwork inside their shape of choice.

6. Why stop with painting magnetic paint inside of shapes? Why not paint the entire wall with magnetic paint? Imagine artwork in place of the photos. It would make for a dynamic display that is easily changed. No complicated framing required.

Custom quilt for $450 from

7. I love this idea of transferring the images onto fabric, then turning the whole thing into a quilt.

8. Minimalists can simply take photos of their children’s artwork and load up a digital photo frame with the photos. The artwork is shown in a slideshow fashion on the wall within the frame. The actual artwork pieces themselves get tossed. This is a great option for those with very limited space. And for the very brave. Could you toss all of your children’s artwork?

Image courtesy of Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss.

9. Here, they have painted the frame and hung it on the wall without its glass or backing. A single binder clip mounted directly on the wall in the center of the frame holds a piece of artwork. Such a clever, inexpensive way to have an ever-changing, handsome display.

10. Those who have limited space will also like the idea of scanning or photographing the artwork and making it into a photo album. (This book is from The beauty of this option is that you can add captions or little stories to accompany each piece, making it something of a scrapbook of the child’s school year. Then the original pieces of artwork get tossed.

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