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Easter organization tip for parents

by respaced on April 8, 2014


See how cute these Easter plush animals are, just staring out at you from the store shelf with their big, sad eyes? Wouldn’t your children just love a cute, cuddly, brand-new stuffed Easter bunny for Easter this year? Here is a bit of Easter-related organization advice:

If your kid is like so many other kids, who have a small army of stuffed animals collecting dust in their bedroom AND who refuse to get rid of any of them, then do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy your child a stuffed Easter bunny or any other Easter plush this year.

The reason is, all children seem to believe that their stuffed animals — and really, any of their toys that have eyes — are secretly alive.

Thus, the stuffed animals’ feelings would be hurt if your children gave them away.

Thus, your children will refuse to part with any of their stuffed animals.

Thus, you have to deal with stuffed animal clutter that takes up a lot of space, harbors a lot of dust, and causes battles between you and your children until they are about 18.

So be mindful this year to avoid adding to the stuffed animal chaos in your child’s bedroom. And get the word out to the grandparents and anybody else who buys your children goodies for Easter: NO MORE STUFFED ANIMALS!

Happy Stuffed Animal-Free Easter, everyone!

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kit April 15, 2014 at 9:37 pm

A couple of years before my son was born, my mother returned all of my old stuffed toys to me. I did not realise she had kept them in her attic all that time. They were dirty from being in the attic, in plastic bags and boxes, none of them completely sealed. Some were tossed immediately, others washed and donated to the op shop. We had far too many of them as children, and I have tried to avoid buying and making them for my son. I have not succeeded – I have bought a few, and made a few, less than ten in total (but at least these are ones that are played with a lot, and come on outings with us). I have donated a few of his that languished in the bottom of the toy basket, as I know they are impossible to toss when you are a child. I am also relieved that the extended family members think that boys have no interest in soft toys. Instead, our problem is the Lego explosion…


respaced April 30, 2014 at 1:55 pm

Hi Kit, sounds like you have the right idea about limiting the number of stuffed animals that come into your house. As for the Lego problem, I feel for you! I wrote a couple of blog posts about organizing Legos that might be helpful to you: and Hope those help! Thanks for reading and commenting.


Sara April 23, 2014 at 3:14 pm

I didn’t get my children any plush toys this year. We have a entire bottom bunk full of stuffed toys that they won’t get rid of. My boys are 9, 11, 12 and still love them. So many beanie babies and huge animals from grandparents and webkins and build a bear workshop stuffed toys. It’s so overwhelming. How do I get them to get rid of some? I admit some I get attached to because I remember when they were whatever age and loved this one or that one. So it’s very hard! I tried getting them to donate the like new ones they have which are many, to foster children in transition. But that was like pulling teeth to get each to give up just one!


respaced April 30, 2014 at 1:50 pm

Hi Sara, it’s just soooo hard to get kids to part with stuffed animals. I don’t have any fool-proof ideas for you. Maybe if there’s a charity for kids in need in your area or if you know of specific kids who would like the animals, you might be able to convince your boys to donate two animals each to them. That way, the animals are going to a “good home” (just like what we would want if we were giving up a pet). And two animals each means the animals are not being separated, but will have a “buddy” to go along with them to their new home. This is going to sound crazy, but I think if you talk about what the stuffed animal would want, what would be in the best interest of the animal (“Elmo wants to go to a home where he will get to play outside more”), then you might succeed in getting the boys to part with more. But, yeah, that’s about as good as it gets with this topic. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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