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Do you struggle with managing laundry in your house? I have worked with many organizing clients, who struggle to stay on top of laundry. Here are two things I have found to be true after 9 years of working as a professional organizer with hundreds of people:

The more clothing you own, the less frequently you have to do laundry. However, when you do have to do laundry, it will take all day (or longer!) to get it all done. The more clothes you own, the more time spent managing them.

The less clothing you own, the more frequently you have to do laundry (perhaps every day or every other day). But when you do have to do laundry, it can all be done in a couple of hours. The fewer clothes you own, the less time spent managing them.

For most families, I usually recommend that they:

  1. Reduce the amount of clothing they own and
  2. Plan on doing a load of laundry each day or at least every other day (generally in the evening). That means one load of clothing washed, dried, folded and put away each day. I have learned from experience that it’s easier to stay on top of the laundry if you do a load a day instead of doing a bunch of loads on the weekend (who wants to feel chained to their washing machine on a beautiful Saturday on their precious day off? I know I don’t!)

Time to set up a new laundry schedule.

  1. If you are not home each day until the evening, plan to do one load of laundry to completion each evening or every other evening. You have the best chance of getting that load done if you start it as soon as you walk in the door before you eat dinner.
  2. If your washing machine timer is not very loud, set a timer closer to you so you can transfer the wash into the dryer as soon as it is done. Set the timer again so you know when the clothes are done in the dryer.
  3. As soon as those clothes are dry, bring them into the family room for everyone to fold. If everyone works together (children as young as 4 can be included!), you should have that whole pile folded in less than 10 minutes. If it’s just you, fold it in front of your favorite  TV show or while listening to a podcast to make the task more enjoyable. During a commercial break (no commercials? Just announce a 5-minute break), everyone puts their clothing away. Laundry for the day is DONE!

Keep up this daily or every-other-day laundry schedule so you never have that out-of-control laundry monster to deal with again!

And make sure to greatly reduce the amount of new clothing you buy. If you buy something new, see if you can get rid of something old. Let me know how it goes! And if you have any additional tips for getting laundry done, please post them in the comments below.

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Get unpacked after a move within a day!

by respaced on June 5, 2017

Did you know we offer unpacking services? We recently helped a client out in Beaverton, Oregon get her condo set up and unpacked after her move. The movers came in first, dropping off all of the boxes and placing the big pieces of furniture. Then we got to work!

We always like to set up the kitchen and bathroom first, since those are the two rooms people tend to use the most throughout the day. Kitchens can take a while, since there are so many small things that have to be sorted. But we come prepared with all of the little bins, containers and labels a client might need, so we can set up the kitchen really efficiently.

Next we moved on to the bedroom, getting the clothes organized and put away in the closet (we like to “rainbow-ize” clothing, meaning we hang clothes according to color. It just looks so pretty and makes it so easy to find things!)

We made up the bed and arranged the client’s decor on top of her dresser.

Finally, we set up her living room (living rooms tend to contain the least amount of stuff, so we set them up last).

Now the client has a comfy, cozy space all set up within a day, and she didn’t have to open a single box herself! She was so pleased, and we felt satisfied about a job well done.

Do you need help with an unpacking job? We unpack homes all over Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego and West Linn. Just give us a call or email us here. We love what we do, and we would love to lend you a hand!


Look for the SIGN, Mom and Dad!

by respaced on May 22, 2017

I’m a big believer in the power of SIGNS. When you are constantly losing something or forgetting to do something, a big, bright, in-your-face strategically placed sign can help you remember.

The signs pictured above are for clients who have a hard time corralling all the kids’ paperwork and artwork. They were missing important notices from school, and the kids were cluttering up the mail and home office areas with all of the artwork they wanted Mom and Dad to see. So I got these Dollar Tree frames and made them into a sign using obnoxiously bright paper. This way, the kids can place their papers on the table, and put the signs on top, signalling to mom and dad to LOOK!

The nice thing about stand-up signs versus, say, a Post-It note, is that the stand-up sign won’t get buried under additional papers or easily lost. A very inexpensive solution to a very common problem!

Could you use some signs in your house, either to remind yourself or your kids of something?

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