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Make home organizing fun, so you’ll get it done!

by respaced on November 15, 2017

Let’s face it: a dusty, musty room heaped high with long-forgotten clutter is usually a bit of a kill-joy. It’s so much easier to just close the door and tell ourselves that we will “get to it later.” But if you find that “later” never seems to come, then it’s time to find ways to inject a dose of FUN into your organizing project so that you will feel inspired to tackle that room. Here’s what this home organizer has found works:

  1. Friends don’t let friends organize alone! Trade organizing help with a fun gal-pal (“I’ll help you organize the playroom if you help me tackle my home office”) or hire a professional organizer with a great sense of humor to help you get that dusty, musty room organized. You will be amazed at how much faster the project goes when you’re cracking jokes with a pal by your side.
  2. Find a great playlist and crank up the tunes! One of my most fun-loving clients loves her disco music (Earth, Wind and Fire esp), so we blast that and even sing along together as we organize her garage. It really boosts our energy to have a good beat to work to.
  3. An organizer I know swears by encouraging people to wear ridiculous costumes while they organize. Red clown nose and tutu, anyone?
  4. Another organizer who was working in her own space would stop periodically to snap pictures of the craziest or funniest thing she found while organizing her memorabilia. She would quickly post the pics to Facebook and then take a short break every 30 minutes to read people’s comments. Laughing over her friend’s hilarious comments was an energy boost that helped her stick with her organizing project.
  5. Another client I work with starts each session in her shared office by raiding the office candy bowl. Then we take our handfuls of chocolate back to her desk and munch on that while we organize her files.

If you can find ways to have fun while organizing, you are much more likely to see the project through. And if you hit a wall, a dose of humor about the situation can give you the momentum to push through. Happy Organizing!

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Many of you who have known me over the years know that one of my toughest organizing clients has been my own son. For a while there, the speed at which he was getting new toys, books, clothes and games far outpaced the speed at which old, neglected toys were leaving the house. That is a recipe for a huge mess! So over the years, I have experimented with different methods for getting him to part with his unwanted things, from garage sales to re-gifting to donating.

But this year, we hit on a GREAT solution! Here’s the article I wrote for PDX Parent about it.

Let’s face it, it can be really hard to get kids to part with their old, neglected toys. The minute you suggest the toys might be ready for Goodwill, your kid whips out the toys, blows off the dust that’s accumulated on them and start playing with them like it’s Christmas Day. You’re not fooling anyone, kiddo.

That’s why I was so thrilled when we found a solution for convincing my son to let go of his old toys. A consignment store called Give and Take opened up in our neighborhood a couple of years ago, and Nathan and I enjoyed browsing for low-cost treasures inside. One day, when Nathan found some toys he liked for sale, I seized my moment and pointed out to him that these were other kids’ toys that he was going to buy, and these kids would receive a few dollars for every toy of theirs that sold here.

“Could I sell my toys here?” he asked.

“You sure could,” I said, trying not to sound overly excited.

Boy, was Nathan hooked after that. You could almost see the dollar signs flash in his eyes as a slow grin worked its way across his face.

Visit to read the rest of the article.

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Self-Test: Is your clutter out of control?

by respaced on November 3, 2017

Boy, I love a good a self-test! This particular test is not one you will find in Cosmo magazine anytime soon. Instead, this test from ADDitude magazine helps you figure out if your clutter has become a Significant Problem (this is definitely not a test to determine a medical diagnosis, such as Hoarding Disorder. Instead use this test to see if your clutter has gotten to the point where you might need to bring in outside help, like a home organizer).

Here’s a question on the test that I find almost always indicates that clutter has become problematic:

The furniture in my house is usually covered in clutter:

a. Yes, so much so that I can’t sit or lie down without moving piles.

b. Not really. Furniture generally stays pretty clear. The floor around it, on the other hand…

Take the full 8-question test here.

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Should you let a friend or home organizer help you get organized?

October 31, 2017

Some of my clients have told me that their family has balked at their decision to hire a home organizer and have wondered why they couldn’t just have a friend help them get organized instead. The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) came up with this great list of questions to help you figure out when […]

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Easy Bedroom Closet organizing tip

October 27, 2017

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8 Q & A’s about reSPACEd’s home organizing services

October 25, 2017
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We recently joined Thumbtack, and I really liked the questions they had us answer as part of our profile. I’m including them here, because I think they are useful to think about when hiring a home organizer. How does your service stand out? Since 2008, we at reSPACEd have been working with busy families, professionals […]

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How reSPACEd tackles a kitchen unpacking job

October 12, 2017

Kitchens are one of the trickiest rooms to unpack because there’s just. SO. MUCH. STUFF that lives in the kitchen. Add in all the “pre-determined storage space” (aka drawers, cabinets and shelves that you didn’t get to pick out yourself), and it adds up to a complicated project to unpack. Fortunately, the professional organizers at […]

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The hardest part of organizing is just getting started

October 5, 2017

Do you know what is often the hardest part of getting organized? Getting started! So often, we look at the room that needs decluttering and a feeling of dread and exhaustion overtakes us before we even pick up the first object. We think, “There’s no way I could go through every single thing in this […]

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The 6 things people tend to forget to do when moving

September 28, 2017

Moving is so stressful! Our Organized Unpacking services aim to take the stress out of the move-in process by having a team of pro organizers unpack and set up your house for you. Over the years, we have seen people consistently forget to do a few key things when they move. Learn from their mistakes […]

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I’ve never seen a schedule as brilliant as this one

September 25, 2017

I work as a professional organizer with my business reSPACEd here in the Portland Metro area, and over the years I have found that a lot (maybe even most) of our organizing clients struggle with creating a schedule that works for them. Many people chafe at the thought of a schedule, because it feels so […]

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