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Beware of adorable stuffed Easter bunnies!

by respaced on March 19, 2015

Easter bunnies

See how cute these Easter plush animals are, just staring out at you from the store shelf with their big, sad eyes? Wouldn’t your children just love a cute, cuddly, brand-new stuffed Easter bunny for Easter this year?

Here is a bit of Easter-related organization advice:

If your kid is like so many other kids, who have a small army of stuffed animals collecting dust in their bedroom AND who refuse to get rid of any of them, then do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy your child a stuffed Easter bunny or any other Easter plush this year.

The reason is, all children seem to believe that their stuffed animals — and really, any of their toys that have eyes — are secretly alive.

Thus, the stuffed animals’ feelings would be hurt if your children gave them away.

Thus, your children will refuse to part with any of their stuffed animals.

Thus, you have to deal with stuffed animal clutter that takes up a lot of space, harbors a lot of dust, and causes battles between you and your children until they are about 18.

So be mindful this year to avoid adding to the stuffed animal chaos in your child’s bedroom. And get the word out to the grandparents and anybody else who buys your children goodies for Easter: NO MORE STUFFED ANIMALS!

Happy Stuffed Animal-Free Easter, everyone!


Project list

You know that whole scenario where you have something planned for the weekend, but then your spouse surprises you with having other plans for the weekend? Meanwhile, that home improvement project that you started 2 months ago is still sitting out, neglected week after week? Here’s how we finally conquered that in our family:

1. We purchased 2 basic white frames at Michaels. Michaels always has really good sales on frames, so these were very inexpensive. I chose white frames and glass because I wanted them to blend into the wall and be invisible if we ever get to the point where we have NO projects to do (Ha! That will be the day!)

2. I just used a dry erase marker to write current “Projects” on the top frame. On the bottom frame, I wrote “Saturday” and “Sunday.” Now we can assign one project to do per weekend, so we can start to finish up those old, annoying projects. Note that this is NOT a weekly To Do list. This is just for tracking those long-range projects which take at least a few hours to complete.

3. You can get dry erase pens by the package at The Dollar Store. You might want to attach the dry erase pen with a string to the frame so it doesn’t wander off!

4. You could also replicate this idea with a chalkboard or actual dry erase board. But I think it’s easier to write with a marker than with chalk, because chalk smudges so easily. Plus, I think framed glass looks better than having a dry erase board on display in your house. That’s just my preference.

What do you think? Would this work for your familly? How do you keep track of projects that need to be done?


Pics of my non-home office

by respaced on March 9, 2015

Oh my goodness, it has been so long since I updated my blog! Suffice it to say, I’ve been busy. With what? Well, I’ve been organizing a lot of home offices lately. This made me realize I often get asked about my own home office and how a professional organizer sets up her workspace. So today I reveal all. Here you go:

My office

That’s it. All I have are my jar of office supplies, my planner and notebook, plus the current client files I am working on. My laptop is on the shelf above. The Things To Be Returned basket for the family is on the bottom shelf. That’s all I need on a daily basis to run reSPACEd.

Instead of a desk, I sit at my dining room table. This shelving unit (actually Nathan’s old Ikea Trofast unit tipped on its side) sits behind the table, so I can quickly put my work things away when it’s time for dinner. Here’s a wider shot:

Home Office wideshot

We do have an actual home office upstairs that holds my filing cabinet, printer, work supplies, office supplies and small reference library. But I have never been able to bring myself to work up there for very long. So just like I tell my clients, “Work with the habits you have,” I worked with my habit of sitting at the table, and set up my workspace there.

Maybe you too don’t need a conventional home office. You just need a jar of office supplies and a place to prop up your laptop. What else could you use your home office for if you didn’t use it as a home office? Maybe a craft room, sewing room, home library, media room, yoga room, playroom, guest bedroom? There are a lot of possibilities! But one thing is for sure. Not everybody needs a home office.


The 9-year-old organizer Feng Shui’s his bedroom

February 5, 2015

“Mom, I’m Feng Shuing my room!” hollered my 9-year-old son from the top of the stairs. Um, what? How does he even know what that is? were among the multitude of thoughts that ran through my head followed by: This I’ve got to see! So I went upstairs and saw where he had started to […]

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Must-have items for getting your family organized

January 28, 2015

Probably 65 percent of my clientele for my organizing business are families, which means I often find myself recommending the same storage products over and over. So I thought you might find it useful to know which products are essential for just about every family to get organized: *Totes for sentimental items: You know all […]

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Super easy way to organize kids’ schoolwork

January 7, 2015

Typically, I write about “how to organize kids’ schoolwork” in June. But recently, I have found that it can be helpful to do a big purge/sort of the kids’ schoolwork at the halfway point during the school year in order to keep the June sort/purge a much more manageable task. I also thought it might […]

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Reply to a person who wants to become a professional organizer

December 3, 2014

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The biggest organizing mistake I see people make …

November 24, 2014

… is that they invest in a beautiful organizing system, but then don’t work the system. See, organizing is one part physical and one part behavioral. That is to say, you need the physical space to store your items, but you also need to develop the habit of putting your things back in their space […]

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Easy, cheap DIY way to organize kids’ art supplies

November 13, 2014

Art supplies can look so messy and cluttery so fast, especially when the kids are in charge of putting them away. But I have found that if we sort/store them by COLOR, kids are much more likely to put them back after they are finished with them. Plus, the supplies look so colorful and lovely […]

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When your child won’t play in the playroom

October 28, 2014

If you have been reading my reSPACEd blog for a while, you know that one of my specialties is organizing kids’ spaces. And one of the most common reasons I get hired to organize a kid space is because the parents are frustrated that their child will not play in the designated playroom. Usually there […]

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