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Want to know the secret to getting organized?

by respaced on January 11, 2016

Try posterSo much of getting — and staying — organized is maintenance. It’s mostly about doing a little bit every day when messes are small rather than waiting until messes are big and take hours or days to clean up. That’s why I like these posters that I recently spotted in a music teacher’s room. They zero in on that crucial aspect of organizing: Trying. And trying again.

Excuses posters


Bedroom Makeover

I’m excited to announce that I’m partnering with Oregon Home magazine on their Dream Bedroom Makeover contest! One lucky winner will win a bedroom makeover for their home, featuring 6 hours of closet organizing services from me, 30 hours of interior design services from Amy Troute of Inspired Interior Design, paint from Colorhouse and painting services from FreshCoat Painting. The finished room will be profiled in Oregon Home’s fall issue.

If you are a current or former client of mine living in Multnomah, Washington or Clackamas County, you are welcome to enter the contest. The winner will be drawn on May 2, 2016. All you have to do is fill out the contest form on their website. Link here.

I’ve always wanted to do a team makeover project, and now I will get my chance. I am thrilled to be a part of this contest, but I would be even more thrilled if one of you, dear clients, won so be sure to enter! Best of luck to everyone!


Class bulletin board edited 2Negative self-talk. That evil little voice in our head starts telling us stories of doom at such an early age!

My son’s teacher made this bulletin board for their fourth-grade classroom. The board is full of healthy — and true! — responses to those negative thoughts that clutter our mind when we are attempting something new. It’s not just applicable to kids learning multiplication and sentence structure in the fourth grade. I think we can ALL benefit from these wise ways of speaking more gently to ourselves when we are trying to learn something new (like how to get organized!)

What do you think? Do any of these healthier thoughts feel powerful enough to drown out some of your negative self-talk? Would this bulletin board have helped you in school?

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