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organizing in the media

If this is how you feel about your house and you have a bit of an exhibitionist streak, perhaps you should answer one of the casting calls below. I don’t know how I feel about reality TV shows that try to “help” people. On the one hand, sometimes people genuinely receive the help they need, […]


News stories about house fires always catch my eye. This is because at least a couple of times of month the reporter indicates that a house fire has caused massive damage or injury due to excessive clutter in the occupant’s home. The clutter keeps occupants trapped inside their burning home, while keeping firefighters stuck outside, or at […]


Do you have magazine envy?

by respaced on January 20, 2010

Magazine envy afflicts possibly millions of Americans. Symptoms include: 1. Looking at Better Homes and Garden and feeling lousy about your home 2. Feeling like a slacker for not having your home perfectly picked up at all times 3. Frequent apologies to your guests for the state of your house 4. Frequent purchases of organizing […]

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The worst mess ever

by respaced on June 17, 2009

When I go over to a client’s house for the initial consultation,the client almost always asks, “Is this the worse mess ever?” And the answer is always an emphatic no! Let me tell you about the worst case of clutter chaos ever … The worst case of clutter ever was discovered in 1947 in New […]


On Monday, I wrote about the realities of being organized. Today, I want to bring up the realities of getting organized. Television shows like “Neat,” “Mission: Organization,” and “Clean Sweep” have opened up a lot of people’s eyes to the problems of disorganization in their homes. The shows have done a great job of educating […]


The realities of getting organized

by respaced on May 4, 2009

Here is the best definition of being organized that I’ve seen. It comes from Julie Morgenstern’s excellent book Organizing from the Inside Out: “Being organized has less to do with the way an environment looks than how effectively it functions. If a person can find what he or she needs when he or she needs […]


More psychology of clutter-collecting

by respaced on April 24, 2009

I found another story online about the psychology of clutter-collecting that is worth a mention. Clark Howard, America’s “save money” guru, wrote about a new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research that indicates that shoppers who touch a piece of merchandise are more likely to buy it because they feel a sense of […]


Martha Beck of O Magazine had an interesting article on the CNN website related to our penchant for collecting clutter. Her theory is that most people live with a “Just In Case” mindset, believing that all good things are scarce. For most of human history, this mindset made sense. But now, we live in a […]