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You’ll never believe it …

by respaced on July 14, 2009

Our garage is all cleaned out and (mostly) organized! The dear husband relented and allowed me to help — which he later confessed was hard for his ego. I was really impressed that he could admit that about himself.

What changed his mind about letting me help? He was amazed at how quickly the garage-cleanout of one of my client’s went (see the post from July 3), and admitted he didn’t know how to start cleaning our garage. I told him to take every object out of the garage and put what he wanted to keep into piles on the lawn. One pile for automotive, one pile for tools, one pile for lawn care, etc. And then I offered to help him carry things out and put them into piles, because it would go much faster with two of us doing it. And that apparently convinced him.

Seven hours later, we were done. And he and the brother-in-law celebrated by pulling up chairs and drinking brewskis in the garage. I’ll post photos and more info tomorrow.

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