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Meal-plannng and schedule-tracking for busy families

by respaced on January 19, 2011

I don’t usually do product reviews. I’m not a big believer that you need more “stuff” to organize all the stuff you already have. But just the other day, I came across (an online meal-planning service) and the DIY Go Mom! Planner (a comprehensive planner you print out from PDF files). These two products could actually take a lot of pressure off of stressed out families. (I was not compensated in any way to review these products.)
Here’s how it works: You log into your account and get a 7-day meal plan for 4-6 people or a 5-day meal plan for 2 people. The meal plan comes complete with recipes and an organized, aisle-by-aisle shopping list. Meals are based on the current week’s sales at your local chain grocery store! You can choose a meal plan based on your needs, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, low fat, and more. Each plan is new every week, and only costs about $75 per family per week in groceries.

What it costs: $1.25 per week

Where to get it:

DIY Go Mom! Planner
Here’s how it works:
You download the planner pages you need and stick them into the binder of your choice. Of course, you will want the weekly and monthly calendar pages to keep track of your schedule. But what I think sets this planner apart from other planners are the resource pages. You can print out pages to keep track of your grocery list, menu plan, take-out favorites, gifts to buy people, celebration/birthday reminders, school contacts, child contacts, vehicle info., kids’ activity and sports schedules, driving directions, babysitter contacts, babysitter guide, and more. Basically anything you would tack on your bulletin board, write on your calendar or save in your wallet can now be transferred to this planner.

What it costs: $9.95

Where to get it: Go Mom Inc.

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