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Here’s why you need a donation station in your home

by respaced on March 27, 2013

Does your house feel out of control? Are you sick of the clutter, the piles of papers, and the tornado of toys and art supplies on the floor? The trick to keeping your house clutter-free is to get rid of the stuff you are not using. The less stuff you have in your house, the less you have to put back and clean around.

One way to make decluttering easier is to designate a donation corner in your house. Place one or two big boxes there. (Don’t use plastic tubs unless you want to donate the tubs too.) A good location for the corner is in or near your laundry room. That way, as you come across unwanted clothes while doing the laundry, you can just toss them into the box in the donation corner.

Get in the habit of putting outgrown toys, unused baby gear, lousy books and too-small clothes in the donation box instead of back on the shelf. Then when the boxes are full, simply drop them off at your nearest charity. Or use the tubs as the basis for your next garage sale and turn your castoffs into cash! You’ll feel better about yourself and your house after you get rid of the unused, unloved stuff that is weighing you down.

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