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Put your kids in charge of fighting their own summer boredom

by respaced on June 3, 2013

So here is Step 1 to having an organized summer with children at home: Have THEM make a list of activities they can do when they are bored and post it someplace hugely OBVIOUS so it serves as a reminder that they are now living in a boredom-free, whine-free zone the rest of the summer.

Nathan has been steadily adding to this list all this past weekend. My favorite is #12 Take a nap. I’m holding up that up as a feasible option for you, young man, if I hear even the faintest of whines come from your adorable lips …

If you get your kids to make a boredom-free list for summer, send it to me and I will post it on my blog. Let’s get as many lists posted as we can, because we parents are going to need as many ideas as possible to get us through the next three months. And if you have an additional activity that Nathan could post on his list, please post it in the comments. I know he (and I) would love to get more ideas!

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