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organizing idea of the week: kitchen command center

by respaced on June 5, 2013


I get asked all the time about how to keep track of all of the family’s to-do’s, their various schedules, the chores — all of those essential tasks for running a household. That’s why this DIY kitchen command center from Girl Loves Glam is so brilliant! She has separately framed a calendar, a chore list divided into daily, weekly and monthly chores; a menu list and a place for writing messages. Then she can fill out the charts or check off the lists with a DRY ERASE PEN! She added a clip for saving receipts (I get asked about that all the time too) and a cup for pens.

Now everyone in the family knows what chores need to be done, what’s for dinner, what time the soccer game is on Saturday, etc. The command center keeps track of all of this information so YOU don’t have to feel stressed out keeping it all in your brain. Thanks, Girl Loves Glam, for the genius solution!

Image courtesy of Girl Loves Glam.

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