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What is at the heart of disorganization for most?

by respaced on August 26, 2013

Mess by olles vensson@ flickr

Priorities. Goals. Purpose. Boring graduation speech? Or attributes that are the cornerstone of organization?

Here’s the thing about organizing. People may look around a cluttered room and see only mounds and piles and heaps of stuff. They may think that at the root of the problem is someone who has trouble throwing things out and putting things away. But for most people, that just skims the surface of the true problem. The true problem is that the cluttered person has lost sight of – or simply doesn’t know — what his or her priorities are.

But wait a minute, says the cluttered person, I know what my priorities are. Family, friends, work, hobbies, church. Hmmm, says the professional organizer. If family is a priority, do you have dinner at the table together each night? No, says the cluttered person, the table is completely covered with stuff. The kitchen is a mess, so I don’t feel like cooking anyway.

And if friends are a priority, continues the organizer, do you entertain very often? No, says the person, I’m embarrassed about how the house looks. The couch is always covered with crumbs and magazines. And what if they needed to use the bathroom? I’d be so ashamed if they saw how crammed the bathroom is with old bottles and dirty towels.

And if work is a priority, do you show up on time each day? No, says our beleaguered person, I usually can’t find my keys/cell phone/wallet.

Do you see where I’m going with this? If you have your priorities straight, it will be reflected in your home, your routine, your housekeeping, your lifestyle, your relationships. So if you are dealing with chaos at home and drowning in your belongings, take the time to reassess what you want your priorities to be versus what you have made them. It’s the first step toward organization.

Image by Olles Vennson at Flickr.

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