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The kitchen counter is often the most cluttered flat surface in the house, and because it is also in the most high-trafficked room in the house, a cluttered counter can make your whole house feel out of control. So if we can tame the counter chaos, your house will feel a lot more organized. Start […]


  I get asked all the time about how to keep track of all of the family’s to-do’s, their various schedules, the chores — all of those essential tasks for running a household. That’s why this DIY kitchen command center from Girl Loves Glam is so brilliant! She has separately framed a calendar, a chore […]


5 tips for keeping clutter out of your house

by respaced on May 17, 2013

  It’s hard to find the energy/time/interest to organize. So when that inspiration to organize finally hits and you are able to clean out that black hole in your home, you probably feel ecstatic! Yay! Time to post a brag picture to Pinterest! But how often have you kicked clutter to the curb only to […]


The 5 easiest spots to organize in your home

by respaced on April 26, 2013

If organizing doesn’t come naturally for you, then it’s best to ease into getting your home organized by starting with an easy area. Save the tough, complicated spots until after you have successfully organized some of the simpler spots in your home. But where are these simpler spots? Here are the top 5 easiest-to-organize spots […]

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It’s March, which in my mind means it is springtime! I don’t know about you, but my house starts to feel a little blah inside after winter. So here are some tips to perk up your space. I hope you find them helpful. And please post any additional tips you have for refreshing you home […]


11 of my favorite organizing tips

by respaced on March 1, 2013

There are entire sections of book stores devoted to books chock-full of organizing tips. But who has time to read all of those? Let me boil them down for you: 1. Before you buy any storage products or start pitching your stuff, you need to decide how you want your space to function. What activities […]


Every home I have been in as a professional organizer has a pile of papers on the kitchen counter. Some may also have piles on the dining room table or hallway table, but they all have the pile on the kitchen counter. Even in my own home, this is the first place that piles start […]


If you work part time, full time or have very young children at home, the idea of organizing your space, or even tidying up, might seem like a joke at best. Who has time for that when you work 8, 10 or 12 hours a day? Some of my clients have been in this situation, […]


Oftentimes, I get asked the question, how many ________ should I own? One way to answer that question is to turn it on its head and ask the questioner, how much time are you willing to devote to managing those items (ie. finding a home for them, cleaning them, putting them away when you are […]


Today I have no advice, suggestions or tips for you. Today, I want to start a conversation and get your opinion on this: stocking up versus keeping on hand only what you need. When do you stock up on things like groceries, toiletries and office supplies? How much do you stock up? At what point […]