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Need more space? Try this first before you buy anything new

by respaced on October 20, 2014

Trofast vertical Halloween

In the quest to find ever more space in our homes, we often neglect to think VERTICAL. Beyond installing more shelves and bookcases, look around and see if some of your furniture may be able to be tipped on its side to give it a fresh new look.

This is what I did here with our Ikea TROFAST unit. I removed the pull-out bins and stacked two units on top of each other. This way, it can display my son’s collection of foam Halloween houses he has been building. When it’s not Halloween, this is where I display my oversize bowls and cake plates that are too big to fit in my kitchen cupboards.

In case you’re wondering, this is the way the Ikea TROFAST unit usually looks:


Rather than buying new furniture, see if you can find more space in your house by using your existing furniture in a different way. You will get more space AND save money!

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