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The 6 things people tend to forget to do when moving

by respaced on September 28, 2017

Moving is so stressful! Our Organized Unpacking services aim to take the stress out of the move-in process by having a team of pro organizers unpack and set up your house for you. Over the years, we have seen people consistently forget to do a few key things when they move. Learn from their mistakes and make Moving Day a bit easier on yourself:

1. People forget to pack the kitchen things they will want the first morning separately from the kitchen things that are less essential. So the turkey roasting pan and Christmas dishtowels are easily found, but no one can find the coffee maker or paper towels!

2. People forget that new homes don’t come with curtains. Instead they are tortured with a sunrise wake-up call right after they stayed up all night trying to find the coffee maker. We usually find that clipping hanging towels or sheets to a binder clip and hanging them off 3M Command Hooks makes for functional curtains until you have time to buy real curtains.

3. People who move with a pet also forget to have the dog food/leash or cat food/litter box packed in a clearly labeled box. Those are things you will want handy the moment you move in. And boy, your pet will sure thank you for finding their things!

4. People forget to have trash and recycling services set up at their new house before they move, and end up not having any place to throw away packing boxes and bubble wrap for a few days.

5. People forget to unpack their kitchen utensil boxes with gloves on. The risk here is that kitchen knives and sharp utensils can shift in the box during a move, and if you reach in without taking precautions, you can stab or cut yourself accidentally. Be mindful of other sharp items that can shift in a box during a move. (Quick story: The worst injury I ever got on a job was during an unpack job. I reached into the big box labeled “Kitchen” without gloves and sliced my finger pretty badly on the Saran Wrap box blade. Now I always wear gloves when setting up kitchens!)

6. People forget to call the unpacking service to schedule day-after-move unpacking services before they leave. Summer, fall and late spring are busy times for a move, so be sure to schedule us about a month beforehand!

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