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Easy Bedroom Closet organizing tip

by respaced on October 27, 2017

In most closets, I notice that people tend to store shoes on the closet floor, usually in one of those shoe racks that impales the shoe on a wire rack. That’s why I like what this gal did with her closet. She installed inexpensive shoe shelves from Fred Meyer on the topmost shelf of her closet. That way she can store her shoes up above AND make room for 2 mini sets of drawers on the floor of the closet. The drawers hold PJs, lingerie and workout clothes — things that would be really hard to access if she had stored them on the top shelf of the closet.

The other benefit of storing shoes on the top shelf of the closet is that there is room for boots and shoes of all heights. Also notice how this smartypants gal stores her sandals and her flip flops on their sides instead of sole-side down. It’s another shoe space-saver that makes a big difference.

Happy Organizing!

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