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Self-Test: Is your clutter out of control?

by respaced on November 3, 2017

Boy, I love a good a self-test! This particular test is not one you will find in Cosmo magazine anytime soon. Instead, this test from ADDitude magazine helps you figure out if your clutter has become a Significant Problem (this is definitely not a test to determine a medical diagnosis, such as Hoarding Disorder. Instead use this test to see if your clutter has gotten to the point where you might need to bring in outside help, like a home organizer).

Here’s a question on the test that I find almost always indicates that clutter has become problematic:

The furniture in my house is usually covered in clutter:

a. Yes, so much so that I can’t sit or lie down without moving piles.

b. Not really. Furniture generally stays pretty clear. The floor around it, on the other hand…

Take the full 8-question test here.

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