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6 ideas for storing gift wrapping supplies … just until you get that gift wrapping room built

by respaced on June 14, 2011

Nearly every house I have been in has a stash of gift wrapping supplies somewhere. And this stash often contains some crumpled bows, mismatched gift tags, used gift bags and rolls of paper with the ends flapping in the breeze. After we sort through the pile to see what is worth keeping, we are left with the question, how do we store this awkwardly-sized, fragile stuff? Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a room devoted to gift wrapping (although Candy Spelling, Tori Spelling’s mother, has three  — three! — such rooms in her mansion). So here are some of the best ways I have seen for storing gift wrapping supplies:

Vertical Gift Wrap Organizer @ The Container Store ($14.99)                                     

This is great, because it keeps those rolls tidy and stops them from rolling around and falling over in your closet. But where do you store all of the bows, bags and tags? Try this:
Rubbermaid 40″ Gift Wrap Organizer ($14.99)
Rubbermaid FG3P1600CRNCR 40-Inch Gift-Wrap Organizer
Wow! It stores everything in a cool zip-up case that can slide in between a counter and a wall or under a bed. And you can’t beat that price.
But maybe you wrap gifts A LOT, and you need a way to store all of your supplies within reach while you are wrapping gifts. You might like this: 
Gift Wrap Work Station @ The Container Store ($49)
This A-frame stands 39″ tall and is double-sided to hold your impressive collection of gift wrap paraphanalia. I love the clever way it holds wrapping paper. And then when you are done with it, it folds and can be hung by a hook on a closet rod.
You could also just keep it simple by getting a long box to shove under your bed. Below:
Customized Gift Wrap Center @ The Container Store ($27.15)
This long, clear box has a spot for rolls of paper and four smaller boxes to hold your bows, tags and ribbon.
If space isn’t an issue for you, and you access your gift wrap quite frequently, you might find this helpful:
Easel/Wall Mount Craft Storage @ The Place Furniture Galleries ($79.99)
                                      Easel/Wall Mount Craft Storage Rack Black
This holds rolls of paper and tissue paper beautifully. It can also be mounted flat on a wall.
Finally, if you need to hold a great deal of supplies and you don’t mind spending some cash, you might find a cart like this one useful:
Stanton Wrapping Cart @ Home Decorators Collection ($199)
It stands about 3 feet tall and is on casters for easy mobility. But the best part is that it can hold a huge collection of gift wrapping supplies. Good for those who view wrapping gifts as an art form.
Which of these products looks the most helpful for your stash? Or do you have a different way of storing your gift wrap?

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