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Inexpensive closet organizing products that will make you love your closet

by respaced on January 15, 2013

In the month of January, most of the big box stores put their closet systems on sale. It’s the best time of year to finally get your closet all tricked out and updated! So to help you toward that goal, here are some closet organizing accessories that are inexpensive yet extremely helpful in organizing your closet:

Komplement multiuse hanger @ Ikea for $8. Perfect for holding scarves, ties or belts in your closet. No more accessories falling on the ground in your closet and collecting dust!

Clear PEVA 8-Pocket Handbag for $9.99 at The Container Store. Free up shelf space by putting all of your handbags in this hanging device instead. Also keeps you from having to reach up high on a shelf when you want to access a certain bag.

Perfect Curve Cap Rack for $12.49 at Holds 18 hats and makes use of under-utilized back-of-the-door space. Finding ways to hang things instead of sitting them on shelves will always make better use of limited space.

Tie and belt rack for $7.99 at This space-saver holds at least 14 belts and/or ties on its chrome hooks. So much better than looping all of your ties over a clothes hanger!

Garnityr Closet Storage with 7 Compartments for $14.99 at Get that old bureau out of your closet and use these for folded clothing like sweaters and jeans instead.

So tell me, what great devices have you found for your closet? What’s your favorite source for inexpensive organizing products?

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