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End the piles on the stairs with this easy idea

by respaced on June 12, 2014

I’ll bet you have experienced this dilemma: You have things that need to be put away upstairs in your house, but you don’t want to take the time to walk upstairs. So instead you stack those things on the stairs, promising yourself you will put them away at the end of the day. But sooomehoooow…. those things never seem to make it upstairs. And that pile of stuff grows and grows until it becomes a super effective nighttime ankle-twister/bone-breaker.

So here is a solution I hit on in our house (because organizers can be really lazy about walking up and downstairs too!)

stairway organizer 1

I found these wall pockets at Storables on sale for less than $4 each! Bargain! I got the chalkboard labels at Michael’s Arts and Craft Store (package of 6 for $1.50). Our labels say “Shred,” “Office” and “Nathan’s Room.”

stairway organizer 2

My hubby attached them to the wall. And voila! Our crap is off the stairs and safely tucked away on the wall! And because you can’t fit THAT much stuff in the pockets, it is really easy to simply grab a handful of crap on our way upstairs and put it away.

Full disclosure: I emptied them out so they would look pretty for the picture, but trust me, they are usually full.

You can also get wall pockets at Ikea and Staples. I prefer ones I can see through so stuff doesn’t get hidden inside.

So there you go. Your easy system for ending the piles on the stairs. Happy Organizing!

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