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The biggest organizing mistake I see people make …

by respaced on November 24, 2014

Closet collage

… is that they invest in a beautiful organizing system, but then don’t work the system.

See, organizing is one part physical and one part behavioral. That is to say, you need the physical space to store your items, but you also need to develop the habit of putting your things back in their space after you use them.

  • Without the physical part of your system, your organization will fail.
  • Without the behavioral part of your system, your organization will fail.

As a professional organizer, I am often called in to create that physical space to store a client’s items. I can solve that part of the equation. I can (and often do) write out a list of strategies the client can use to develop the habit of putting their things away, but ultimately it is up to the client to take that extra 5-10 minutes a day to put everything away.

That behavioral component is definitely the harder — much harder — part of getting organized. What is even harder is going it alone as you try to create these new habits to get more organized. Everything is harder when we try to do it alone! So reach out to me for help if your attempts to get organized never quite seem to work. We will get to the bottom of things, make a plan, and perhaps even have fun doing it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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