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Make a big impact with this simple organizing device

by respaced on February 13, 2010

On Wednesday’s post, I mentioned that there are two essential organizing devices for your home. The first is a landing strip. The second is surprisingly simple: a laundry hamper.

Why is this essential? Because the two most common clutter problems I see seem to deal with paper (thus, the landing strip) and clothes and linens (thus, the hamper.) Get yourself a hamper and put it near where you undress. For most people, this is their bedroom or outside their bathroom. If you have children, put a hamper inside each of their bedrooms. Get in the habit of putting your dirty clothes in the hamper instead of anywhere else in your bedroom or bathroom.

Laundry hampers are a simple organzing solution that make a big and immediate impact in your home’s appearance for very little money. Make sure you have one!

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