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my life as an organizer

The 9-year-old organizer Feng Shui’s his bedroom

by respaced on February 5, 2015

“Mom, I’m Feng Shuing my room!” hollered my 9-year-old son from the top of the stairs. Um, what? How does he even know what that is? were among the multitude of thoughts that ran through my head followed by: This I’ve got to see! So I went upstairs and saw where he had started to […]

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I recently was contacted by a person who wanted advice on becoming a professional organizer. I get asked about this A LOT, and when I have the time I try to share what I know. I decided to post my most recent response in hopes that it sheds some light on what I do as […]

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The biggest organizing mistake I see people make …

by respaced on November 24, 2014

… is that they invest in a beautiful organizing system, but then don’t work the system. See, organizing is one part physical and one part behavioral. That is to say, you need the physical space to store your items, but you also need to develop the habit of putting your things back in their space […]


Exciting news! I’m in a magazine!

by respaced on September 30, 2014

So this really neat thing happened to me: I was contacted by Real Simple magazine to submit a tip for their article “76 Greatest Organizing Tips of All Time.” The magazine is the October issue, which means it is on newsstands now. This is so thrilling for me! For professional organizers, Real Simple magazine is […]

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Remember this post, where I came up with a solution for storing things that need to go upstairs in wall folders instead of in piles on the stairs? Well, Nathan, my 8-year-old future organizer, decided to take matters into his own hands. He came up with this device: See, throughout the day he puts the […]

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My top secret organizing project: The final reveal!

by respaced on December 6, 2013

As you may remember on Tuesday, I posted about the Top Secret Organizing Project I was doing as a Christmas surprise for someone. While this person was away on vacation, I came in and spent about 30 hours reorganizing their home office. This meant sorting through all of their craft supplies, papers, files, office supplies, […]


My top secret organizing project!

by respaced on December 4, 2013

I’ve been rather neglectful of this blog lately, but that is because I have been working night and day on a Christmas organizing project for a close family member. This family member has always struggled with keeping their home office organized (see the “before” picture above), so I am giving it a reSPACEd makeover as […]


Today’s post isn’t so much about giving you information as it is about soliciting information from you. My son, Nathan, is 7-years-old and in the second grade at school. Second grade is a big deal, because for the first time each student has his or her own desk to store his or her books and […]


Nathan decided to go through the shirts in his drawer, because he was having a hard finding something to wear in the morning. I told him he could just take them all out of the drawer and sort them on my bed. I suggested he start by sorting them into groups by size: So this […]


So 4 organizers walk into a room and ….

by respaced on November 8, 2013

… got the NAPO-Oregon organizers’ booth at the Portland Home & Living Show set up in 90 minutes flat! The set-up crew (that’s me, crouched uncomfortably in the middle) had a great time setting everything up on Thursday. First, I got to drive my pick-up truck INTO the Convention Center, past other people’s booths. It […]